Bullying in sororities mentally scars young girls for life

The culture of bullying is commonly associated with schoolyard bullying but we rarely realize that bullying can continue well into college. In fact it gets worse from thereon, especially when your teen is living in a hostel far away from the safe confines of their house. These places also provide the ideal conditions for supporting bullying in college. The situation can be tricky for teenage girls who opt to study in sorority colleges where the dynamics of sisterhood can take lethal turns. 

Types of sorority bullying

Girls who are bullied by other girls in sorority hostels are usually kept in the dark regarding group activities taking place in these places. The bullies will make sure that they keep the targeted girl ill-informed about important happenings in their surroundings. Even if a weak girl is included in group activities, she will be given the grossest task out of all available options.

Naked secrets of the diary

Teenagers like to document their experiences while making sure that the record is stashed in a secret place. Keeping a diary is the most common method used by teens to vent their innocent emotions on paper. A teenager’s diary can be heavily flooded with good and bad feelings that can be in favor of some, while criticizing others. If such information lands in the hands of a bully, your child’s sorority days are over for sure!

When the fight begins…

Pray that you are not nearby! Else you might end up as fair game. These fights are rarely forgotten and will carry on in the form of psychological war among girls. The constant pressure can be very burdensome for the victim who can very well suffer both mentally and physically. Girls should therefore know how to stop bullying or at least deal with it.

Dealing with mean girls

The mentor: Once you identify that your daughter is being bullied in sorority then it is time for you or any other adult to become her mentor. Adults can utilize the many years of experience to act as role models for bullied girls, even outside of their immediate families. Seniors at college can come to the support of cornered girls and help them integrate into groups that include nice people.

Mean stinks: This is a campaign launched by a deodorant brand that was created with the intention to make a girls community where they could talk about their bullying experiences. They also use celebrities to make the support group effective.

Stopping hate: This site was launched by Emily-Anne Rigal who founded We Stop Hate. The site was created to raise the self-esteem of young girls and help them combat bullying. The campaign uses digital media to show how other girls have overcome their insecurities. The initiative is still going strong.

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