Are Shy Kids Misunderstood?

Shyness is a common attribute shared by both the introverts and extroverts alike. As is popularly believed, being shy is not a problem of any sorts. In fact, it is a very healthy form of behavior that borders closely on the idea of self-preservation.

Nowadays, a shy person is generally considered to be a weak person. In other words, the world sees a shy person as a small fish in a small pond that will not grow up to become a shark.

Such is our fascination with shunning humanity for shark-like behavior that we fail to acknowledge the human qualities that accompanies shyness. If you are wondering as how to help shy kids make friends, stress out no more.

Start Small, Earn Big

Shy teenagers can step on the path of confidence building by going back to the basics. This requires polishing one's social skills, starting with practicing good eye contact, positive body language, engaging someone in small talk, and inviting people to private gatherings.

Once your teen kid gains some measure of confidence by practicing his/her social skills with close friends, it is time for you to let them go out and make new connections with their newfound love for interaction.

Rehearsing Your Role

Sometimes it is wise to plan things beforehand to save oneself from a socially awkward situation later on. If your teenage son/daughter wants to have a conversation with someone but cannot initiate the discussion, then it is a good idea for them to rehearse the conversation in front of a mirror.

Practice makes perfect and your child would ultimately learn the tricks of the trade in no time at all.

Getting Started

If you’re wondering how to help a shy child to overcome his/her shyness, here’s an answer. You only have to teach your child that the most difficult part of becoming socially active is to start conversations.

Teenagers only have to master a few decent opening lines that allow them to hold the conversation with anyone on their own.

Mingling with Random People

Taking part in positive group activities of any kind is an excellent way for teenagers to work on their confidence building techniques.

Encourage your teenage offspring to find opportunities where they can socialize with random people and decide for themselves as to where they stand after a few social experiments.

Another thing that can be done is to tell teens that the fear of failure should not stop them from doing what needs to be done. They should treat themselves with respect in the hope that good times would follow.

Quality of Assertiveness

It is essential for parents to tell teenagers that the thought of what others think about them should not be entertained. Once they learn this rule, assertiveness would follow.

An assertive person is not necessarily a bully or a jerk, but can also be a normal person who speaks for him/herself, know what they need, and doesn’t allow others to intimidate them. Seems like good qualities, don’t you think?

Shyest of Them All

Naturally shy teenagers are gifted people in many aspects. According to common observation, shy people are very good listeners because they prefer to listen more rather than talk.

Further, kids belonging to this category are also sensitive to other people’s feelings and needs, thus making them exceptional caregivers. To top it all, shy teenagers also make and in return become great supporting friends for life.

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