Here is How Blended Families Can Pose Problems for Teens

Blended families are considered beneficial for a lot of reasons. However, if you have teenage children and you expect that they will start to live happily with the new family, then you are wrong. First of all, they don’t like the idea of you and your partner getting separated, and now you want them to accept a new parent and act like nothing happened. They feel like it’s not fair to them, which is why they just won’t accept it. If you force blended family on them, they can succumb to following problems.


As soon as you move in with your new partner along with your teens, first thing they will experience is depression. They are so used to living with the people they knew so well that they find it hard to move on, and what bothers them the most is that you were able to move on without a hitch. This thinking of theirs leads to depression which will only get worse if you don’t have an actual conversation with them. You have a huge role to play here as you have to convince them that this move is the right one for you and them. A lot is riding on that conversation so you better go prepared. If you don’t talk to them at the right moment, then their depression will keep on getting worse, and to cope with it, they might get into drugs or alcohol. You certainly wouldn’t want your kids to go down this road, which is why you should have the conversation before it’s too late.

Feeling Unimportant

When you move in with a new family, you will obviously try your best to blend in and give attention to your partner’s kids. However, your teenager might not understand that and start to feel unimportant. They may start to believe that you are turning all of your attention to the new family and are not giving them the attention that they deserve. This will make them feel unimportant, and no teen likes to feel that way. They may even take extreme measures to get your attention back. You should try your best to stop them from reaching that point.


The beginning is the hardest part. Your kids would be most likely unhappy about your decision to move on from whatever mess you’ve gotten yourself out of. They might be too young to understand what you’ve suffered, which is why they might blame you for things that weren’t even your fault, including the replacement of the original home setting with this new one. They will show it in a lot of different ways, but you have to be patient because even a moment of lapse can cost you big time. Let them stay angry, but if you just stick with them through the beginning, they will surely come around. Kids feel happy when their parents are happy, and if you are happy with your new family, then kids will soon start to feel the same way. They need time and most importantly, they need you. You have to be there for them and talk to them about everything. That’s the only way for you to convince that living in a blended family was the right idea. With enough time and your counseling, your teenagers will certainly come around.

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