Blended Family: Laying Foundations for A Perfect Blended Family

It is not easy to blend into a new family. When two individuals decide to marry each other and bring children from previous marriage to live with them, they form a blended family. When they blend to create stepfamilies, things might not always progress smoothly. Children may take time to accept the new parent or even parents would not readily accept the new children. This process can be a lot of challenging.

However, once you’ve decided to make a life with your partner and form a new, blended family, including children from your previous marriage(s), then you ought to accept this challenge. It may take a lot of time for a blended family to function together and feel comfortable but if it has to be done then it has to be done.

Prior to beginning a blended family, it is important for you to plan how a blended family will function even before marrying your partner. Let’s see how you can lay foundations for a perfect blended family.

Take Time While Making a Decision

As soon as you found a new loving relationship, you may want like to rush into a new marriage and living in a blended family after surviving a painful divorce or separation. However, you should never take that step without first laying solid foundations. The decision of a remarriage can be tricky and to live in a blended family might not turn out good. Therefore, you need to take some time before making this important decision.

Do Not Expect to Accept So Soon

It would be foolish to expect that you will be able to start loving your husband’s children from previous marriage. Always make a connection with them by getting to know them first. Because love and affection take some time to develop.

Finds Ways to Connect

A blended family may also include children from your or your partner’s previous marriage. Making them accept each other is vital. Being a parent, you should always look for ways to build a connection between them. Take them to a theme park or watch a movie with them. Spending more time with them will make them feel important.

Make Parenting Changes Before Remarrying

Once you’ve decided to remarry, make sure you talk about the parenting styles with your new partner and also tell them how you intend to be a parent. After marriage, it will be a lot easier for you and will also make a smooth transition. This way, the children won’t also show angst at your new partner for initiating any changes.

Respect If Not Love

If you think you’re trying hard for the people living in the blended family to like each other, then do not worry about it much. It is better to insist that they treat each other with respect.

Never Choose

You may face a lot of difficult situations after stepping into a blended family. There might come a time when you’re asked to choose between your new partner or your children from previous marriage. Always remind them that you want them both equally in your life.

Give More, Take Less

Being in a blended family will give you a lot of patience. You may realize at one point that there is more giving and less getting anything in return. You may give a lot of time and love to your new partner’s children but they may not return it back to you immediately. However, you should not get it disappointed. In fact, consider it as making small investments that may yield a lot of interest for you one day. 

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