Celebrating Father’s Day in Military Families

For some protecting their country means being absent from home, and living away from their families for a considerable period of time. For these “Men of Honor” deployed outstation, important days like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are sad reminders that their families are far away. And teens suffer the most in such situations. Similarly, this Father’s Day thousands of military dads will celebrate the day thinking about their loved ones, while their families make efforts to connect through digital means. Just because army dads are far away doesn't mean mothers, aunts and grandmothers can't help teens make their dad feel special. Children of military parents don't always have it easy, but with some effort they can bring a smile on their father's face on this big day. 

How to prepare?
  • Lots of pictures: Teenage children can start preparing for this present months before Father’s Day. Take pictures for any special event that has taken place throughout the year. If they've won a competition or have driven a car for the first time, for instance, they can include pictures from these events. This can give their dad a chance to be part of their teen's life, while he is away.
  • Memory treasure box: Stitch in pictures or postcards on a shirt or quilt. Select pictures of your teen's time together with their dad and sew it all in. Be more creative and help your teen write little notes of love and appreciation for their dad.
  • Taste of home: Help your teen bake their dad’s special muffins or cookies and seal them in an airtight box. Trigger dad’s taste buds to make him feel at home even thousands of miles away.
How to connect?
  • Go hi-tech: Technology has made communication easy and frequent. Now, we can readily connect with anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Make use of this and help your teen get connected with their dad through Skype, Google chat and other tools.
  • Conventional communication: Sometimes it is difficult to get a good internet connection in conflict zones. In such a case, you can go old school and call dad at his station and help your teen have a heart-to-heart chat.

There are thousands of families who have people stationed in war zones. These families face the dilemma of celebrating Father’s Day. But just because something is hard doesn't make it impossible. With a little love you can help your teen and their father Celebrate Father’s day in a great way!

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