Teenage and Single Parenting - Let’s Do it

So, you are a single parent family trying hard to smoothly pass this transition phase. Right now, you may possibly be facing several problems, from financial and personal to emotional and social. The truth is that no one but you can understand what you are feeling right now. So let’s just skip the talk on your current state of mind and switch to sharing some of the interesting ways for developing good parenting skills. Your teens have already lost one parents and they cannot afford to lose another. Therefore, recharge your batteries and start over. Give life another chance; it is worth a shot as what’s at stake here is your teens health and his future.

Take it as Yet another Challenge

Take it as yet another challenge. Grow and prosper together as a single unit. Get rid of the post divorce or death depression as soon as possible. Use your parenting skills to keep the family together and even more importantly, to help the teens in getting back to normal life. It may seem difficult in the start, but you will eventually start enjoying it.

Don’t Worry, This Time Will Pass

These are certainly the most difficult days of your life, but just remember one thing, they will pass. This is the best thing about time; it passes. Neither a good day nor a bad day lasts forever. So, take it easy and get a hold of yourself for the sake of your kids, who depend on your entirely.

Do You Realize You Are Lucky?

Yes, you really are lucky to get a chance to bring up your kids. No other relation is more beautiful than that of a parent and child. Nothing is more exciting than watching your kids grow and prosper. Know what you have and try to remain happy and positive at all times.

Here’s the Plan

Burdened by the challenge, you may find yourself ignoring your kids or tasks related to them. You cannot let this continue for long. Get back on your feet, roll up your sleeves, and prepare yourself to get back into action. Here are a few suggestions on how you can go from being a confused and lost single parent to one who is totally in control.

  • Go for a short holidays with your teens to refresh your mind
  • Develop stronger bonding with teens
  • Get to know what your teens like
  • Ask him about school, teachers, friends, studies etc. so that they know you care
  • Fulfill his financial needs
  • Make sure you are always there for kids
  • Keep telling him how much you love him
  • Do not give up
  • Spend time with friends once a while to get some air
  • It’s okay to cry sometimes but not in front of teens
  • Actively take part in the life of teens
  • Attend parents teacher meetings regularly
  • Join any support group made for single parents
  • Make sure that you are aware of every friend your teen has
  • Go for parties and other social gatherings and also let the teens to this
  • Accept this change and also help teens in getting out of this emotional phase

You basically need to focus on spending more quality time with your kids and making sure that the absence of the other parent doesn’t take a toll on their development.

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