Don’t be Fooled by these Top 5 Single Parenting Myths

The term ‘single parenting’ attracts myths, misconceptions and stereotypes. With an increasingly high number of people finding themselves entrusted with the responsibility of their care of their little ones on their own, there is a need to identify what is true and what is false about the so-called ordeal. You, as a single parent, should not let these 5 myths shatter your confidence, as there is no reality in them.

Single Parents are Not Good Parents

It is a general misconception that single parents are not good parents, as they have so many responsibilities on their shoulders which do not allow them to spend quality time with kids or give them the attention they deserve. This is not true. Even though raising teens as single parents is tough, yet the situation is just about as good or challenging as it is in nuclear families. They too are able to master the art of managing work with family life and fulfilling all the responsibilities without neglecting kids.

Single Parent Families Are Broken Families

Single parent families are considered as broken families, but the reality is somewhat different. Living as single parents is much better than living with an abusive partner who always fights, yells, slams doors, and has an abusive attitude towards the family. The absence of a family member is obviously felt, but it does not come in the way of happiness. Single parents’ families are as happy, complete and perfect as any traditional family.

Kids of Single Parents Have a Lower Self-Esteem

As single parent families frequently face financial issues due to income coming from a single source, it is disbelieved that their kids have lower self-esteem. Divorce between the parents is also considered a reason behind lower self-esteem of teens as they feel humiliated or uncomfortable talking about it, especially in public. This may be true in some cases but not all.

Kids of Single Parents Face Emotional Issues

Kids of single parents are portrayed as shy and less confident individuals who get worried over little things and fail to face difficult situations. Some people even consider them emotionally unstable, as the absence of one partner is thought to affect their emotional health. This may be true for one out of 10 kids, but you cannot apply it on all the kids of single parents. In fact, kids of single parents have gone through so many things at such a small age that they grow out to be mature, confident and emotionally stable individuals who know how to handle different situations.

Kids of Divorced Couples Also Get Divorced

Another stereotype revolving in our society is that kids of divorced parents are more likely to get divorce. The reality is that they are more conscious when it comes to relationships as they learn from their parent’s mistakes. They are fully aware of the challenges and consequences of divorce, so they remain cautious and act wisely when it comes to relationships.

The presence of both the parents does not guarantee an ideal life for kids. If it did, then kids coming from nuclear families would never end up committing crimes or taking drugs. A single parent family can be as happy and prosperous as a traditional one, though it could take a little extra bit of effort from each member of the family.

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