Driving Tips to Share with your Teen

Teaching your teens to drive is not a difficult task, but teaching them to drive sensibly and safely is quite a challenge. Teens have a knack for doing things that are risky and therefore prohibited, be it using cell phones, eating, or drinking while driving.  While kids will be kids, you, the parents, need to realize that you are responsible for making teens drive safely so that your youngsters, as well as everyone else on the road remains safe. It is good if your teens have attended traffic school, but it will be even better if you take out some time to teach them a few valuable driving tips, discussed below, before handing them the keys to a car.

Start with Short Trips

Advice teens not to go on long trips after they have just started to drive, as it is not safe. Make them realize that they need some time and effort to polish their skills behind the steering wheel. Until then, it is better to just drive in nearby areas.

Avoid Using Electronic Devices

Strictly prohibit the use of phones or any other gadget while driving. The best way to do this is to set an example by refraining from paying any kind of attention to your own phone while you are driving. If the phone starts ringing, wait until you’ve parked the car at the roadside before attending it. Explain your decision to your youngsters so that they understand the logic behind it, and adopt the habit themselves.

Ensure the Car is OK Before Driving

The feeling that you own a car is great, but it sure does come with a whole bunch of responsibilities. Advise your teens to develop a habit of checking fuel, engine and other important things before taking the car on the road.

Scan the Road

Road scanning is very important for defensive driving. You must tell your kids to keep an eye on the vehicles present on both their sides, as well as their back and front in order to avoid any accident. Sometimes other people drive carelessly, and it’s important that teens know how to protect themselves in such situations.

Stay Focused

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of road accidents. So you must emphasize on the importance of staying focused on the road and cars while driving. Ask your youngsters to avoid everything that distract them, be it loud music, friends, electronic devices, etc.

Never Drink or Eat While Driving

Eating or drinking leads to distracted driving, which increases the chances of accidents. Make sure your kids understand that they are not supposed to be eating or drinking anything while the car is in motion. Also talk about drunk driving and how it can not only put their lives in danger, but also get them in legal trouble as it is against the law.

Use Safety Belts

Teens are usually careless when it comes to wearing seat belts. Safety belts save drivers from serious injuries in case of any serious accident or car crash. Lecture them on its importance and encourage them to always fasten their seat belts while driving.

Follow the Speed Limit, Even On an Empty Road

Teens drive responsibly in the company of people, especially any adult, but when they find themselves alone, they see it as an opportunity to experience some thrill. Discourage your kids from doing that and advise them to stay within the speed limit even if they don’t see any other vehicle on the road.

Be Prepared for Emergency

Teens should have a kit containing all the tools needed for fixing any minor issue in the car. It is also better to keep first aid box and a bottle of water in the car at all times.

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