Peer Pressure – It’s not always Dangerous

When it comes to peer pressure and teenagers, there are still plenty of facts that still need to be explored. We are often told that everything has benefits and drawbacks. Fortunately, this formula is applicable on peer pressure as well. The perception that peer pressure is always dangerous and harmful needs to be changed as it also has several benefits. Peer pressure is so powerful that it can literally make the one being influenced do anything. The so-called threat can be tamed and in fact used to good effect.

Exploring a Different Side of the Picture

Peer pressure is blamed for ruining the lives of teens, as several studies pointed out that it sometimes causes drug abuse, teen crimes, health issues etc. However, there also exists something called positive peer pressure. Let’s venture into a relatively new place to discover things that you may have never tried to explore before. Before that, however, you need to just forget about every negative thing you heard, experienced or knew about peer pressure for a while.

Peer pressure, formerly called as the pressure you face from your friends, can actually help you become a good person, a good citizen and a good human being. It’s just the company that matters, not the peer pressure. For instance, if your friends belong to good families having certain norms, then they will never let you do any illegal or unethical thing, whether it’s drinking alcohol or skipping classes. This also works in opposite case, for instance when your friends are not good enough to spend time with.

There is a slight Difference

Do you know that peer pressure can be life changing for us both in a positive and negative manner? Now, it depends on us and the path we choose. People of all ages face peer pressure, but everyone handles it differently. Some people start following their peers blindly without thinking whether they really want to do it or not, whereas others follow friends only when they are sure that it’s in their own benefit. There can often be a very thin line between right and wrong, so everyone must know how to handle positive as well as negative peer pressure.

How to Use it for Your Benefit

How to avoid the negative peer pressure and enjoy the benefits of positive one? This is really a complicated question, but then again there is a solution for every problem. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which one can derive benefit from peer pressure.

Ask These Questions: Whenever your friends pressurizes you to do anything out of love like drinking alcohol with him, taking drugs, skipping class, lying to parents etc., simply ask these questions from yourself; Will your parents like doing this, is it legal, is it ethical, is it worth doing, is it good for me? If the answer to any single question is no, then do not go for it.

Do not be a Blind Follower: Avoid following your friends without thinking. Sometimes, you have to take an initiative and refuse to do or be a part of something that you are not comfortable with. It’s natural for your friend to react, but if they truly are your friends and value this relationship, then they will understand you.

Think of the Benefits and Consequences: Another good way of handling peer pressure is to think of the benefits and consequences of your actions. For instance, if your friend is forcing you to control your calories intake, perform exercise, become regular in class etc. then there is no harm in giving in to the influence, but if he or she is asking you to attend late night parties with drinks and drugs or any other such thing, then simply say no as you are old enough to know about the long term consequences of these activities.

Getting the positives out of peer pressure while staying clear of the disadvantages is easier said than done, but it is something that you need to master quickly for long-term benefits.

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