Bullying Prevention: Let’s Start It from Our Home

Kids do not become bullies overnight. They adopt this behavior from their environment or from their elders, so blaming the institutions or society is not the right thing to do. As parents, it’s your duty to raise a kid who not only condemns bullying, but also know how to fight against it. Of course, this is not something you can do over a weekend. You should start the war against teen bullying right at home Here are a few tips for bullying prevention that would come in real handy during your war against the endemic.

Change Your Behavior First

If you shout at your driver, maid, neighbors etc., then you are indirectly giving a message to teens that it is okay to bully others. Similarly, taunting, teasing, using racial slur, etc. also encourage teens to do the same. If you or your partner indulges in domestic bullying, then it’s very important to stop it as teens follow in the footsteps of their parents.

Develop Emotional Intelligence Skills among Teens

Bullying takes place when a person is not able to control his emotions. In the same way, victims of bullying also face difficulty getting out of this shock. Both these things occur due to lack of emotional intelligence. You must start fostering and enhancing the emotional intelligence of your kids from very young age, so that they are more in control of their emotions rather than getting controlled by the latter.

Foster Anti-Bullying Habits among Teens

You should foster feelings of empathy, love, compassion, respect and kindness among kids and ask them to avoid taunting, teasing and abusing or hurting others, not only physically, but also verbally. It’s strongly suggested having a detailed conversation on what is bullying, how it takes place, and what to do for avoiding the issue. Encourage them to talk to you if someone teases them, or tries to hurt them in school, neighborhood or online. Make teens clear that you will never tolerate bullying, and that they should also take solid action against it if they come across a bully.

Monitor Kid’s Behavior with Siblings

How kids treat their siblings gives a good idea of how they are likely to treat others. If your kids fight a lot or abuse each other, then it’s a warning sign. What’s best is that you politely tell kids that hurting others is not good. Make them realize how precious this relationship is which they hold with their siblings, and that aggression is unacceptable. Teach them to forgive and forget. If teens show this behavior repeatedly despite your warning, then you must take serious action before he tries to hurt other.

Teens Needs Your Time and Attention

Talk to teens regularly over dinner, while watching television, at breakfast, before going to bed, etc. about his daily routine, school life etc. Teach him how to behave in the outer world and to approach their teachers or parents in times of trouble. Give your time and attention to your teens as these are things they need more than an expensive smartphone or video games.

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