Stop Teen Bullies before they become Criminals

Bullying is one of the leading youth crimes these days. According to a study by Utterly Global, an organization actively working against teen bullying, 60% of bullies get at least 1 conviction by the age of 24. Bullies, if not stopped at a younger age, are likely to become criminals. So, if your kid or any other kids you know is showing a bullying behavior, then follow these measures before it’s too late.

Get to the Heart of the Problem

A bully is mostly portrayed as evil, someone who has no heart or feelings. This may be true in some cases, but most of the bullies are themselves a victim of bullying or some other bitter experience, which ignites a strong desire for vengeance among them. Lately, researchers have also pointed out that bullies usually suffer from depression and have a lower self-esteem. So it is the bullying behavior that you should hate rather than the person exhibiting it. It’s important to discover the root cause of this behavior. Meet the teen’s teachers, school management, friends and every other person who is close to him. Maybe they know something that you are not aware of. You might be able to learn something from them that can be used to save the teen from turning into a criminal.

Make Teens Accountable for Their Actions

Bullying behavior should be condemned, and solid action should be taken against it. Teens should be made clear that they are accountable for all their actions, and that you will never tolerate bullying behavior. If any of your kids exhibit an aggressive behavior towards their siblings, then you must stop them right away before they develop a habit of doing that and repeating the same behavior at school. It’s best if you create a culture where kids are appreciated for their good deeds and punished for their bad ones. This will make them clear about what they should and shouldn’t do.

Develop ECR among Teens

Bullies often lack feelings of empathy, compassion and respect (ECR). They are unable to feel the pain and misery of others, which is why they keep on teasing, harassing and bullying them. You should develop these feelings among them right from an early age. The best way to do so is by acting as a role model. Show respect to others, help those who need it, console those who suffered a loss, etc. Teach kids that they should never become a cause of pain and harm for others, and that it’s okay to let things go instead of holding a grudge. You must also develop social and anger management skills among teens so that they are more in control of their emotions while interacting with others.

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